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Woman Confronts Sean Spicer While Shopping, Calls Trump 'Fascist' On Video

Woman Confronts Sean Spicer While Shopping, Calls Trump 'Fascist' On Video
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1 year ago

It's no secret that White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer doesn't like questions, and that he really doesn't seem to like the media. After digging himself into a hole by stating that Trump's inauguration was the biggest one around when he first spoke while under the new administration, Spicer has becoming somewhat of a running joke to much of the public.

There's even been speculation that he's being ordered to act the way he has since Trump took office.
The only thing more embarrassing than his media gaffs were his attempts to prevent more media gaffs.
Though his tweets aimed for the top spot in that category, like that time he quoted The Onion.
Or that time he aired out his fued with Dippin' Dots in public.

Seriously, who hates Dippin' Dots?

But when he prevented certain news outlets from attending a 'gaggle' that was set up instead of his standard address, he went too far.
So, when people find him out in the wild, like Shree Chauhan did while at her local Apple store in Georgetown, people tend to rapid fire questions at him.
The look you give when you know you're going to end up being ridiculed on the internet...again.
People lauded her efforts.
One person was upset that she didn't ask one of the more important questions that have gone unanswered.
What was he doing in an Apple store, anyway?
"It’s such a great country, it allows you to be here. Thank you," was Spicer's only answer to Shree's questions.
If the Twitter thread is an indicator, Spicer and the rest of Trump's administration can expect more of this.

No word on whether SNL is going to pick up on this or not, but here's hoping!

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