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Trump Ignored Angela Merkel's Handshake Request And Her Expression Says It All

Trump Ignored Angela Merkel's Handshake Request And Her Expression Says It All
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1 year ago

Listen, I personally believe that Donald Trump does and says outrageous things to keep his name in the news. It was the primary tactic he used for free publicity to become President.

Now that he is President, he seems to be using the same tactic to keep people from talking about actually important issues, like the point that he sold a room in one of his towers to a member of a Chinese Intelligence Agency and that he and his administration, including Steve Bannon, have alarming ties to Russia that are tantamount to treason. 

So, there's a part of me that doesn't like reporting on the pettier stuff he does. But I hope that if enough of his petty and infantile behaviors come to light, his supporters will realize that they backed the wrong horse so they can vote for actual leaders when it comes to the votes for Senate and Congress.

And when it comes to petty maneuvers, this has to be one of his biggest to date.

Trump either didn't hear the request for him to shake Merkel's hand, or he is completely ignoring her out of spite.

Why would Trump be spiteful towards Merkel, you ask? There are many reasons.

The fact that Trump blasted NATO, Germany's top position in the European Union, and Merkel's acceptance of refugees haven't made Trump very happy. Also, the fact that she's a female politician who actually knows her stuff might grind his gears a little bit, too.

If you look closely, you can see the moment where Merkel acknowledges how awkward the entire thing is.

Trump, meanwhile, is posing for photos.

The cringe was palpable and all of Twitter felt it.
People pointed out that it was a classic child move.
Maybe this embarrassing moment made him not want to hold her hand?

So awkward, no?

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