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Arnold Schwarzenegger Blasts Trump's Drop In Approval Ratings

Arnold Schwarzenegger Blasts Trump's Drop In Approval Ratings
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1 year ago

When it comes to opponents of Donald Trump, it doesn't get much more high-profile than Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Few people can really burn Trump and his false-machismo persona better than the box office legend and real-life tough guy.

He hopped on Twitter to record an epic 40-second rant that criticized Trump for cutting school programs and Meals on Wheels, saying that this is no way to "make America great again."

"Oh, Donald — the ratings are in, and you got swamped. Wow. Now you're in the thirties?
But what do you expect? I mean when you take away after school programs for children and meals on wheels for the poor people, that's not what you call 'making America great again'. Come on!" 

After berating the ratings-obsessed Trump with the dismal reality of Trump's approval ratings, Arnold invited the President to come and see some of the amazing after-school programs that are going on in Washington as a way to dissuade the President from cutting them.

"I mean, who is advising you? Let me give you some advice: go to a middle school — the Hart Middle School, right in Washington, six miles away from the White House.
I'll take you there, so you can see the fantastic work that they're doing for these children. Let's do it, huh?" 

Do you think the President will take Arnold up on his offer?

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