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Will Smith Reunited With The 'Fresh Prince' Cast And We're Full Of Nostalgia

By Mustafa Gatollari

My father was fundamentally against sitcoms growing up. Not because the majority of them were filled with corny jokes and attempts at turning lines into lame-ass catch-phrases or they looked like they had a production budget of a late-night Skinemax flick.

But mostly because the only things he enjoyed watching were Clint Eastwood movies and CNN. Which to a kid might as well have been poison. (Except for Clint Eastwood movies because at least people got shot in them).

Naturally, because my father was against sitcoms, I wanted to see as many as I could. And none made me happier to watch than The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air. One, because my mom's side of the family was from Philadelphia and I'd spend my summers with them. And two, because it featured a smart-mouthed, handsome young man who said things to his elders that would probably result in me catching a beating as a child.