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Activists Accuse Paul Ryan Of Being A Hypocrite For 'Autism Awareness' Tweet


In my opinion, the GOP's healthcare proposal plan was an utter failure. Some proponents of the act are saying that the Republican Party's lack of time to adequately prepare for an alternative is to blame, but when you consider that Ryan and Co. have been trying to repeal Obamacare before it was even voted on, it's hard to believe that that was the case.

Politics by nature is a very hypocritical game. Obama was painted as a caring liberal, but ended up dropping more bombs on people than any other President in recent history. It doesn't change the fact that he helped pioneer some social programs that helped a lot of Americans, but if you ask me, the dude was a war monger and sold tons of guns. In fact, many experts are saying he was better for the firearms industry than Trump.

Ever since Trump was elected President, there have been some pretty overt examples of hypocrisy in politics going on. Like when he tried tweeting an inspirational message on National Women's Day and gave a speech about the importance of cultivating strong female leadership in the US.