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Source: Getty

Chrissy Teigen Pays Fan's Tuition For Beauty School And Brings Twitter To Tears

By Mark Pygas

Mercedes Edney, an independent skin care consultant and the owner of Ixora Botanical Beauty, recently had an online fundraiser to help her pay her way through beauty school. "I know sometimes there is a stigma for asking for help, but this is a huge dream of mine and I am willing to do whatever I can to make it," she wrote.

With a goal of $6,000, it had been running for a month, and picked up about $400.

That is until one generous follower decided to donate the difference. "I thought it was a glitch," Edney wrote on Instagram. "I then look at my email and realized it came from my fundraiser."

The person who donated? Chrissy Teigen, of course.