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Letter From United CEO Calls Flier 'Belligerent,' Ignites Anger From Public

By Mustafa Gatollari

When it comes to damage control and putting out PR fires, corporations have to tread very lightly. When you're representing a global brand, any number of moves you make will be open to public scrutiny.

Take Kendall Jenner's terrible Pepsi ad. And that was just a commercial.  And we saw what happens when a company starts endangering the lives of its customers with the whole United Airlines debacle yesterday.

Now the thing is with forcibly dragging a doctor off of a flight, you're going to have some backlash. Namely, from human beings pretty much all around the world who aren't mean-spirited psychopaths. Hell, the doctor they dragged off the flight was Asian (he's a Vietnamese-American), and now people all over China are cutting their United travel cards in half and putting a ban on the airline. That's right, the airline might lose an entire country of fliers, a country with the world's largest population, because of their overbooking error and horrible way of handling it. And it's not like other people in other countries are excited about flying United anytime soon, either.