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Australian Couple Leaves Waitress Generous Tip, Then Offers To Change Her Life


I try my best to never forget the days when I was super, duper poor. I was stuck with a used car that was a piece of crap and constantly overheating and stalling on me. I couldn't lease or finance a newer one because my credit sucked and I had student loans out the wazoo I kept putting off, despite getting a few scholarships and doing fairly well in school. I couldn't really afford to go out or have much of a social life beyond fast food spots and streaming movies to watch on a laptop screen. I made do with the best I had, but as each year passed by and I got older and older, I felt more and more like a loser.

I definitely could've worked harder and smarter than I was, even though I worked multiple part-time jobs all throughout college and after, but no matter what I did, it never seemed like enough.

Which is why I'm always ready to give plenty of sound advice to high schoolers entering university for the first time, so they can avoid the post-undergrad struggle that so many of us are facing right now. But sometimes no amount of planning can prepare you for life and you've got to somehow make ends meet and go to extreme lengths to do so.