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Twitter Users Rally For McDonald's Workers To Get Reward For Catching Facebook Live Killer


When you're on the run from the police for killing someone on Facebook Live, it's probably in your best interest to lay low. 

But then again, if you're the kind of person who'd do something like that, you're more than likely not in total control of all your mental faculties.  I guess when you are running from the law you get hungry, and what else satisfies your taste buds than McDonald's fries. 

So you'd think there's nothing wrong with ordering some McDonald's in broad daylight, and aren't really concerned with someone recognizing you while you satisfy your urge to quell a Big Mac attack. 

Two workers at the Erie, Pennsylvania McDonald's where "Facebook Live Killer" Steve Stephens was spotted before being chased by cops and ultimately shooting himself dead helped put an end to the manhunt. They did so by stalling Stephens after recognizing him by telling the man his fries weren't ready. 

Naturally, when Stephens was caught, a question arose: are the McDonald's employees entitled to the $50,000 reward that was being offered for any information that led to the arrest or capture of "The Facebook Live Killer"?