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Check Your Piggy Banks For This Vintage Penny Worth $85,000

Check Your Piggy Banks For This Vintage Penny Worth $85,000
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Updated 1 year ago

I could never get into coin collecting, maybe because I'm not a total nerd. Of course I'm joking, but I know nothing about coins or the minting process, and I'm too busy throwing those bad boys into CoinStar machines to worry about whether or not they're going to be valuable some day.

But we all know someone who's got an old jug or piggy bank filled with coins in a basement somewhere, waiting for the day to cash them all in and see what kinda cash they've got just lying around.

Well it turns out that if you have this special penny hiding around in your collection, then it could be worth a lot.

Like, $85,000.

If you've got this 1943 copper penny lying around, then you'll be $85,000 richer. 

There's a historical significance attributed to this rare coin.

Due to copper shortages during World War 2, the pennies were made out of steel. Right after the war, the US Mint quickly returned to copper, as steel tended to rust more quickly and people were confusing the pennies for dimes. 

Prices will vary for one of these copper pennies, depending on the condition.

One of these bad boys reportedly sold for $1.7 million at an auction. Some estimate that others in worse shape will net you $60,000. In any event, you can get some serious coin for a single coin, provided it's a steel penny. Make sure you use a magnet to see if it pulls, if it does, it's made of steel so it won't be worth a lot. Copper? Well, then you've got some boku bucks! (h/t newschannel5)

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