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This Engineer Proved His State's Traffic Lights Suck And Was Fined $500 For 'Illegal Math'

By Mustafa Gatollari

Tickets suck. Mostly because they're an unexpected expense that comes out of nowhere. Depending on where you live and how much money you're rolling in, getting your car towed or getting an expensive speeding ticket can mean the difference between paying your rent or getting a loved one a birthday gift.

When it comes to fining people ridiculous amounts of money for speeding offenses, I feel like it doesn't get much worse than America. I've traveled and driven in a few countries, and the way traffic laws and fines are enforced in America is done as a business, in my opinion. 

The worst part is that sometimes the court just doesn't want to hear your defense. For example, I got my car prematurely towed in NYC once. I was at my parking location at 9:52 PM. The sign read no standing after 10. Cutting it close? Sure. Illegal? Not according to the signage. Now even though I proved that the car was in the tow yard by 10:08 PM (my car's location was on east 4th street, the tow yard was over 68 blocks away and, at best, an 18 minute drive from my location), even though I had witness testimonies and call logs to prove my case, the court wasn't interested in any of it.