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Gym Offers Group 'Napercise' Class For Parents Who Need A Break From Their Kids


We've all seen them: the people who've been going to the gym for years, but just don't seem to get in any better shape. Hell, I feel like I'm one of them. I personally blame my lack of consistent control when it comes to dieting, which reduces my workouts to slowing down whatever long-term damage I'm doing to my body with Sour Patch Kids, chocolate, and Tostitos Lime Chips. My god, are they delicious.

And as unsatisfied as I am with my body because it's not like Zac Efron's in Baywatch, I can at least console myself with the fact that I don't go to the gym and go through the motions with the exercises like some people who casually go about their workouts without so much as breaking a sweat.

Now, I know I'm coming off as a judgey McJudgerson and like a total arrogant gym douche, but I'm being serious: I think people's time could be way better spent than wasting it at the gym if you're doing it like that. I hate going to the gym (but feel great after a workout) so if I was going there to just phone it in, I'd just give up and sit at home on the couch and binge-watch the years of shows I've been meaning to catch up on.