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These Sushi Shoes Are The Go-To Meal For Every Sneakerhead


The idea of sushi, on paper, sounds kind of gross. If you were to ask someone, "Hey man! Wanna get together eat some some raw fish rolled in cold rice and seaweed?!" they'd probably say, "Heck no dude, let's get something actually delicious, like pizza or cheesesteaks or like, anything that doesn't involve cold rice and raw fish." But for whatever reason people love sushi, to almost an unhealthy level. It just takes so many rolls to actually get full sometimes it feels like it isn't even worth it. Better off just order a rice bowl right?

And although I'm not a big fan of sushi, I can totally see the appeal, especially when it comes to looks. The compact little rolls of carbs and protein and veggies are definitely easy on the eye. It's part of the main appeal and why sushi chefs train for so long to perfect their art.

What's really cool about sushi is that because of the way it's made, you can manipulate them into all different shapes, sizes, and designs. It really let's these awesome chefs come up with some really creative rolls and designs.