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Pickle Juice Soda Is The Latest Food Trend That's Dividing Our Nation

By Mustafa Gatollari

My wife took me to a Ted Montana's steakhouse for an impromptu birthday bison steak, and instead of bringing out bread before the meal, the waitress served us a plate of pickles. Now, I'm a big fan of brined cucumbers as a little appetizer; it's super low in calories and it doesn't really fill you up all that much.

They also go great on burgers, sandwiches, and don't really need to be refrigerated as long as you got an air-tight jar. They can also be flavored pretty much anyway you want, depending on how you brine them. Plus, you can pickle anything. You can pickle tomatoes, celery, lemons (eww), eggs (double eww) to preserve the life span of whatever food you feel like pickling.

As great as pickles are, though, I think everyone can pretty much agree that pickle juice is gross. Like, really gross.