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McDonald's Unveils A Ridiculous New Utensil That 'Helps' You Eat French Fries

By Mustafa Gatollari

Morgan Spurlock's Super Size Me did a lot to sully the name of McDonald's, but it looks like the fast food giant has managed to change some of its public perception in recent years - at least in my group of friends.

The same peeps who would gag every time we drove past one on the highway are posting selfies from their McCafes and confessing in our group chats that their Quarter Pounder with Cheese is "actually good." I'd like to see what they think 10 minutes after eating it, once the sodium gets them feeling like they're SpongeBob visiting Sandy's dome for the first time.

I also wonder what they'll think of Mickey D's latest nonsensical invention, which comes with a horrible name to boot.