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Source: istock

Delta Employee Threatens To Arrest Parents And Put Child In Foster Care


After the United PR disaster in which footage of a doctor being forcefully removed from an overbooked plane went viral, you'd think airlines would realize that they're always being filmed. But now, footage from a Delta flight in which an employee tells a husband and wife that they'll be arrested and their infant son placed in foster care if they don't vacate their seats is hitting the internet. 

The Schear family of Huntington Beach, California, was flying from Hawaii to Los Angeles last week when staff asked them to give up the seat that their 2-year-old son was using and carry him on their laps so that an overbooked passenger could take the seat. 

Brian Schear explained to ABC7 that they'd purchased the seat, but it was in their older son's name. At the last minute, they decided to put the 18-year-old son on an earlier flight home so that they could use the seat for their younger 2-year-old child, Grayson, who was originally going to sit in someone's lap.