Guy Has Touching Reaction To Seeing Woman With Alopecia Without Her Wig



First dates can be grueling, because we always want to put our best foot forward. Whether that means the sharpest outfit we can find, or perhaps a new haircut, many of us go to insane lengths to look amazing on a first date, cause ya know, first impressions matter. Unfortunately for many of us, that means we do our best to hide whatever we think our flaws are, and do everything to avoid what we want to conceal.

But like my good friend, David Vadim, tells me all the time, the source of our talent, charm, all of that good stuff, lies in our can't, and our reaction to what we can't do.

And as difficult and scary as it may sound, the best way to find out if someone is the one for you is to go for broke right at the beginning of the relationship. If it crashes and burns, it isn't meant to be. If you take that risk and the other person is charmed and genuinely interested in it, well, it looks like you've got a real chance at having something special with someone. Its better for them to see you as you instead of find out later.

Which is why this episode of the British TV show, First Dates, is so darn touching.

Eve suffers from alopecia, and decided to take her wig off during a date with a bearded gentleman and reveal her condition to him.

"I don't have any hair. I wear a wig," Eve said before removing her hair piece.
"It suits you. Keep it off," her date said.

The man told Eve that she's "beautiful" and it was easily the best date he'd ever been on. 

Which, of course, tons of people on Twitter found absolutely touching.

So awesome.

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