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Hospital Surprises Parents Of Preemie Babies With Adorable Mother's Day Photoshoot


My wife became super duper aware of her surroundings and her body when we found out she was pregnant. And my wife is a really, really clumsy person. Strangely enough, once she was carrying a child in her belly, she became more graceful and balanced than a ballerina.

The extra-alertness is understandable: you're expecting to welcome a new human life into the world, after all. So anything that could possibly go wrong with the pregnancy or threaten the livelihood of our baby was constantly on my mind.

Thankfully, our son was born without any complications (other than, you know, actual childbirth, which is a pretty nerve-wracking experience even in the most perfect of conditions) and I was still an emotional wreck after everything was over. I can only imagine what parents go through when their pregnancy doesn't go exactly according to plan.