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This Gigantic Creature Washed Up On A Beach And People Think It's A Sea Monster

This Gigantic Creature Washed Up On A Beach And People Think It's A Sea Monster
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1 year ago

Whenever there's something scary or crazy that pops up on the internet, there's always a bunch of people who are ready and willing to believe it.

I totally get it. Look, keeping it real, for the most part, absolutely sucks. Because when you look at the math of life, it's nothing but depressing. So I get why people create fantastical scenarios and situations. It's why we love larger than life people. Hell, it's one of the main reasons Donald Trump got elected - he was the more entertaining candidate.

But please people, don't fall for this video that's been going around of people claiming an unknown sea monster washed up on an Indonesian beach shore.

Because as freaky as this thing is, it's apparently the decomposing body of a whale.

Indonesian soldiers who happened upon the enormous corpse are calling it a giant squid.

"A giant squid has washed ashore in the island of Seram, in Hulung village. From the looks of it, it's unclear how many people can fit in this creature. If it eats people. This is a rare animal. It's length is more or less 10 meters...Fifteen." 

YouTuber Patasiwa Kumbang Amalatu uploaded a video of the creature himself. He thinks it's a humpback whale.

 "This is a humpback whale. These aren't tusks. This is its mouth, but it's covered with decomposed skin." 

Some news outlets have claimed that the creature has tusks, but Amalatu has uploaded multiple videos that counter it's just a whale's exposed jawbone.

And now he's got American marine biologists backing him up.

Other videos show the body decomposing further in the sun.

Super gross, but just remember: if there's a giant decomposing dead blob of flesh that's managed to beach itself on a shore, it's probably just a dead whale. Always bet on the dead whale. (h/t vice)

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