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'Game Of Thrones' Fans Are Freaking Out Over Fifth Potential Spinoff Series


HBO's Game of Thrones has been on-air for what feels like forever. If I met past Mustafa, ie the version of me six years ago when that show first came out, I wouldn't even know who the hell I was, that's how long it feels. Granted, it's only been six years, but still.

Considering that George R.R. Martin pretty much has the series all figured out and things seem like they're coming to an end, fans are already kinda freaking out about the possibility of not having anything to look forward to on a Sunday night. Even when the show's not on air, the Internet's rife with fan theories and all other sorts of Seven Kingdoms gossip to keep them occupied until the next season.

But when there are no more seasons left to watch, how will they get their fill of swords and sex and treachery?