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Woman Casually Strolls Through Incoming Traffic On The Freeway While On The Phone


I really love driving, but I also hate it. I mean, it's like anything good in life. I enjoy ice cream, but hate brain freezes. I love me some Doritos, but I hate the fact that the sodium bloats me up and makes me feel super gross afterwards.

So I guess my problem with driving is the condition of roads, specifically in the New York metropolitan area. When I was in Switzerland, I didn't see potholes over there like I do over here, and you can't convince tell me that NY doesn't have the money to get Switzerland-esque roads, OK?

What's even more annoying than the condition of the roads has to be pedestrians who think that all of the world's blacktop belongs to them. I can't count the number of dirty stares I've received from pedestrians who refuse to quicken their pace when there's a green light for motorists. I swear to God, some of them intentionally walk slow just to make a point about how not bothered by cars they are.