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This Feminist Points Out Why Women Can't Really Take Compliments From Men



Feminsta Jones is a Philadelphia based author and activist who uses her huge Twitter following to have conversations about feminism and issues affecting women of color, igniting lots of discussion and hopefully changing some hearts and minds along the way. She's also pretty funny. A recent thread of hers blew up when women everywhere completely identified with what Jones had to say about accepting compliments from men:

If you have no idea what she's talking about, either you're a dude or you're a woman who hasn't had the confidence to respond to some rando saying you're beautiful by responding, "Yeah, I know." 

They. Go. Insane. I'm not entirely sure why, but I think that men who catcall women want to feel powerful more than they want to feel a meaningful connection with the lady they're hollering at. If she's feeling good and into herself, he doesn't get to have the power, and that makes him angry. That's my theory, but Jones laid out her thoughts (far more eloquently):

Other women started sharing their terrible experiences with dudes after accepting compliments from them in the replies, some screenshotting actual conversations that took a hard left turn when they showed an awareness of their own attractiveness:

Along with all the women agreeing with Feminista Jones that this is a recurring problem, there are plenty of people flocking to her mentions to say this never happens. Guys are, of course. She has lots of responses to that, too:

So, what do you think? Is acknowledging that you're attractive or cool or smart rude? 

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