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Source: Instagram

This Instagram Optical Illusions Master Is A Modern Day M.C. Escher


Every now and then, a photo is taken is taken at the perfect time and angle to create something both truly amazing and horrifying. Be it the old "is it a duck or a rabbit" illusion, or the classic "old lady or young woman in vanity," these kinds of magical occurrences are never not funny and amazing. 

 There's something about them that is so awfully addictive. You can't help but feel yourself inexplicably drawn to them, nearly banging your head against the table in an attempt to figure them out. It's incredibly frustrating.   

 In fact, some of the images are so good, they don't even rely on crazy angles or pro photo tricks. The best optical illusions are the ones that appear so seamless, looking at them for extended periods of time is probably not recommended by doctors.  

Stop-motion animator Kevin Parry uses his Instagram account to make insane film editing optical illusions that will have you asking "How'd he do that?" I've watched them over and over again and it's hard for me to pinpoint how the tricky filmmaking works—probably why Someecards called him "an M.C. Escher with Instagram." His talent is undeniable and his work has been shared thousands of times

Walk in the Woods

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Some of them are relatively simple, belying the sheer amount of work that was probably needed to do them: