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Donald Trump Stole His Graduation Speech From 'Legally Blonde'

Donald Trump Stole His Graduation Speech From 'Legally Blonde'
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1 year ago

There's an upside to Donald Trump becoming president and making a fool of himself and his administration at every turn: it gives comedians a lot of material to work with.

Heck, even before he became president, the media just couldn't resist writing up the ridiculous things that came out of Trump's mouth. 

As a result, everyone associated with the Donald came under close scrutiny as well, including his wife, Melania. So when people noticed that she pretty much plagiarized one of Michelle Obama's speeches word-for-word, it didn't take long for the internet to find out.

But as it turns out, Melania isn't the only one who steals other people's words and passes them off as their own in an attempt to sound deep and intelligent. Her husband does, too.

But as Jimmy Fallon discovered, Trump didn't lift speeches from other political figures, but from the movie Legally Blonde. Seriously.

Since he's already ripped off Elle Woods' graduation speech, I wonder what other movie monologues he's going to find "inspiration" from next? Please, someone sneak a Bill & Ted DVD under the Oval Office door.

I could see it now: Trump, standing before Congress with his arms spread, his index fingers pinching his thumb. "Be excellent, to each other, OK?"

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