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Justin Trudeau Crashes Prom Photo Shoot While Out For A Jog

By Mark Pygas

Justin Trudeau has captured the hearts (and eyes) of people worldwide ever since he ran for Prime Minister of Canada. He represents everything people would want in a world leader and is empathetic to all in a time where empathy has become a lost attribute with anyone in power. While there will always be divide on prospective laws and policies, he doesn't vilify his opposition, insult the members of the media, or have a general disregard for people seeking safety for their families in a war they didn't start, want, or have a way to circumvent. 

It's prom season, and among those celebrating are high school students in Vancouver, Canada. A group of teenagers recently gathered at the Stanley Park Seawall for a pre-prom photo shoot. And they ended up getting a lot more that they planned for. 

Who's that in the background? Seems familiar...