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Justin Trudeau Crashes Prom Photo Shoot While Out For A Jog

Justin Trudeau Crashes Prom Photo Shoot While Out For A Jog
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1 year ago

It's prom season, and among those celebrating are high school students in Vancouver, Canada. A group of teenagers recently gathered at the Stanley Park Seawall for a pre-prom photo shoot. And they ended up getting a lot more that they planned for. 

Who's that in the background?

Oh, just Prime Minster Justin Trudeau. CTV News reports that the teens were initially completely unaware that they were just photobombed by the most important man in Canada. It wasn't until Trudeau circled back to the group and asked, "Who's the bride?" thinking that the event was a wedding, that they realized.  

Student Sofia Kalil said that they quickly seized upon the opportunity to get a photo with him. "You look at your grad night and you hope for a memorable time, but I don't think we could have dreamt up a more memorable experience than that," student Alex Horner said. 


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Twitter users initially accused the moment of being staged, since the photobomb photo was taken by Trudeau's photographer, Adam Scotti. But CTV News clarified that Scotti frequently takes photographs of Trudeau running, and the moment was unplanned. 

Oh, Canada. 

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