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Girl Accidentally Watches 'Alien' Instead Of 'Guardians Of The Galaxy' And Gets Traumatized


Sometimes things can sound pretty similar on paper and those who are none the wiser wouldn't really be able to discern between the two. The thing is, those minor differences can often lead to disaster when extrapolated, especially if we're talking about feature-length films with two very, very different demographics in mind. Gurdians of the Galaxy is another Marvel franchise film that puts a group of unlikely heroes against a threat or two that could end the universe. Like every other Marvel film, the series is somewhere between a drama and rom-com and appeals to people of all ages.

The heroes cruise through space to fight bad guys, kind of like what the protagonists from a very different move end up doing. 

If you ever saw the original Aliens movie, then you know that it isn't exactly the most kid-friendly film around. Every movie is filled with a lot of death, usually of the gruesome variety, and appeals to an older crowd  looking to be scared for an evening. All of the new ones have taken place in space, so you can kind of see how someone can confuse the two, but someone should've been able to raise a red flag before this disaster of a viewing experience happened to this poor child.

It just so happened to be that both blockbuster films overlapped this summer, so wanting to see 'the alien movie' would give you one option over the other if you're talking to someone who thinks you know what you're talking about, which wasn't the case at all as you'll see.

The summer box office season has begun, and two of the most popular films at the moment are Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2 and Alien: Covenant. While both movies are set in space, they are very different. One has an adorable animated raccoon, the other has facehuggers.

So when Imgur user smashcuts' little sister went to the movie theater and asked for a ticket to see "that alien movie," meaning Guardians of the Galaxy, mistakes were bound to happen.