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This Confused Toddler Just Wants To Know How Elections Work In America


With elections still being a hot topic (and most likely will continue being one well through 2020 at this point), many are beginning to wonder if the old electoral college system really is the most reliable method to get a president elected in this day and age. It seems as though voters have plenty of hoops to jump through as it is, from inconsistent voter registration laws and intimidation by local extremist groups to ballot machines actually flipping their choice on the big day with no way of correcting the results. Add on top of that the weird borders politicians draw to split voting areas to something that favors them more, and it's no surprise that people forget that they're still supposed to have enough votes for their candidate to win the overall electoral college points for their state. It's like a bad video game from the 90s except the graphics are better and there's no reset button if you mess up.

The idea of one person one vote, seems to be easier to understand and often makes more sense than what we're currently dealing with. Many hear of the issues with the electoral college, but still don't understand how it works, so it has become a pretty hot button issue recently, and not just for adults and those of legal age to vote. The latest election has piqued the interest of many future voters as well, and the entire voting process has come front and center in schools across the country.

Elections can be confusing, especially in America. Seriously, just go ahead and try to explain the Electoral College to someone from another country and watch their face while you do it.

Heck, we even have a problem with getting our votes properly completed in the USA. Remember the "dimpled chad" fiasco back in 2000? Thanks, Florida.

Given that the election process can be confusing even for adults, can you only imagine how difficult of a concept it is to grasp for children?