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This High School Football Star Got Full-Ride Scholarship Offers To 33 Colleges

By Mustafa Gatollari

Getting ready for college is the first thing schools talk to you about once the training wheels are off and you start your first year of high school. Typically students roll their eyes at the thought of thinking four years ahead, especially with their newfound freedoms and raging hormones that dictate nearly every waking second of their lives at that point. Fortunately for the future of mankind, not every student is like this, and some take all of their pursuits seriously from day one. People usually bank everything on either academics or sports, but occasionally you get a rising star that dominates everything the gets in his or her way.

17-year-old Jahmir Smith isn't just brilliant on the football field. In fact, he's equally brilliant in the classroom.

The Lee County High School junior has been offered 33 full-ride scholarships, including to all eight Ivy League schools, for his academic and athletic prowess.

He has a 4.43 GPA along with 2,130 rushing yards and 41 touchdowns last season. Now, all of this sounds very impressive, and that's because it is.