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Psychologists Just Explained What Trump Is Doing When He Shakes Someone's Hand


One of the most fascinating subplots of Donald Trump's Presidency is the absolutely bonkers way he shakes hands. The latest chapter was created this past Thursday, May 25th, when Emmanuel Macron, the newly elected President of France, saw Trump's signature handshake coming and beat it at its own game. With world leaders now actively preparing for Trump's uncomfortable greeting, psychologists have decided to set the record straight on why they think Trump doesn't shake hands like a normal person.

Source: twitter

Later, during that same visit, Trump demonstrated his trademark handshake style: he'll offer his half-open hand after signaling a  handshake is expected (in this case, requesting an uncalled for handshake from King Phillipe of Belgium). Then, when the hand is given,  he'll yank it uncomfortably towards himself, forcing Trump's "victim" to extend their arms and turn their body into an uncomfortable position.