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High School Student Finds Genius Way To Convince Teacher To Raise His Grade


The concept of extra credit was always a weird one. You can't really do anything with a number over 100%, but you'll always get the teachers pet bragging about having a 114 on an exam because of the extra credit they did. Some teachers hate the stuff, mostly because it ends up being a last minute thing they have to give out to maintain the minimum number of students passing their class to avoid getting the axe, or they come face to face with a helicopter parent that doesn't understand that their child's 91 out of 100 on a 5th grade math exam isn't going to impact his or her future nearly as much as they thing. Literally the worst type of parent around when it comes to being a teacher, as the concept of what primary education is is completely lost on them and it turns into an embarrassing back and forth row for why little Timmy studied really hard and really should get a perfect score so he doesn't feel bad all summer about scoring less than his buddy Chad, who's going to go to the same summer camp as him and whose mom is unbelievably annoying as it stands.

Yea so extra credit isn't really a thing that should even exist, but this is the reality that we live in today and it becomes something that no one really wants to address. The only thing extra credit is useful for is for the occasional creative step a teacher or student takes that eventually is shared with everyone else on the internet. That's pretty much the only time you'll ever see extra credit referenced outside of high school or college as it is, and it's why you're currently reading this article here right now in this present point in time.

Students across the country are just starting to get the results of their finals, and inevitably, not everyone will get the grade that they're looking for. But Twitter user Neil Pascua found a pretty ingenious way to turn his B into an A. How? By asking his teacher to lower his grade. Here's how he did it...

Apparently it was a first, so we're not sure if it will work again.