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Drunk Man Wakes Up To Selfies Of The Police Officers Who Took Him Home


Imagine going out one night and finding yourself safely back in bed the next morning, but not remembering how you got there. While this may sound like a plot to a summer hit that will ultimately be forgotten with time, (the movie was probably made already) there have been several occasions of people waking up the next morning only to find that some person cared enough about their well being to actually make sure they got home safely.

A Tasmanian man has gone viral for drinking himself into a blackout and getting saved from some bizarrely friendly officers. Australians sure seem to do policing differently. reports that Reece Park had a wild night and ended up in a cab somewhere near his home completely blotto on Friday evening. The driver called the cops, and instead of slamming Park in jail, Constables Natalie Siggins and Jeremy Blyth escorted him home and left a selfie on his phone, so he'd remember how he got there:

Don't worry, someone asked the important question: