Lorde Invited This Cashier To The Governors Ball To Celebrate Her New Job



It's easy to forget that celebrities are people too. I mean, the only updates I get about my friend Jan is when she 'accidently' turns on her Strava app when she takes the bus to work every morning, and that's only because I still can't figure out how to turn the push notifications off in the app.

It's part of why every time a celebrity does something the rest of us consider normal, (they're just like us!) a photo of someone holding their kid, spotted a Bed, Bath, & Beyond, or simply eating ice cream will go supernova all over Twitter and Instagram with people gawking at a human being trying to eat their Triple Chocolate Chunk ice cream in peace. Still, it does help humanize people who previously seemed untouchable, and every now and then a story pops up that makes things even better when the celeb opts to simply chill with a fan as a regular person.

It's always awesome when you encounter a celebrity and they're cool and pleasant and happy to meet you. Like that time a woman met Jay-Z on the subway but didn't recognize him, and this wonderful exchange occurred.

It's even more awesome when you're able to have a meaningful interaction with that celebrity, which is exactly what happened with Twitter user @ThatEmely when Lorde stopped by the Liquiteria she worked at to pick up a smoothie. The two got to talking and they totally hit it off.

Even if @ThatEmely was geeking out a bit.

In fact, they hit it off so well, that Lorde messaged her on Twitter after their in-store encounter with an invitation to go to Governors Ball with her.

It's kind of adorable how Lorde says she was "too shy" to ask her new friend if she wanted to tag along, but I totally get it. Being a celebrity probably doesn't change the fact that it feels kind of awkward really wanting to hang out with someone after just meeting them for a few minutes.

Obviously, @ThatEmely was ecstatic.

And Twitter was very, very excited for her.

I mean, wouldn't you be?

As far as celebrity encounters go, this is pretty much a best-case scenario.

It'd be like getting to lift weights with Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Or hanging with Snoop.

What a great way to kick off a new job.

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