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These 6 Parents Are MVPs When It Comes To Raising Kids

These 6 Parents Are MVPs When It Comes To Raising Kids
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1 year ago

If you grew up with awesome parents, then you know it's probably impossible to appreciate them as much as they deserve to be appreciated.

The amount of patience, money, time, and effort it takes to raise good kids is crazy. But for a child receiving that kind of love and support, it makes all the difference.

And while any parent can simply "show up," or just be present physically for their kids, there are some folks who go above and beyond for their children. And these folks are parenting MVPs.

1. Like this mom who set up a bubble bath for her daughter so she wouldn't sweat finals.

And it was very, very appreciated.

2. This dad who built an in-home Blockbuster for his autistic son.

20-year-old Hector Zuniga is nonverbal and lives with autism. Part of his daily routine was renting a movie from his local Blockbuster. When news got out that their local store was closing down, Hector was sad, so his father built him his own Blockbuster store in their house. And it only took him 45 minutes to make. That's some high-level Dadding right there.

3. This foster father who's devoted his life to taking care of only terminally ill children.

Mohamed Bzeek is a deeply religious widowed foster father who wants to make sure children have a sense of love and family before they pass away. He started fostering children with his late wife in 1989.

4. This dad who illustrated his daughter's corrective eye patches so she doesn't feel self conscious about them.

A post shared by Geof Grubb (@laylaspatches) on

He's chronicling all of his awesome work on his Instagram account, laylaspatches.

5. This dad who started a dad and daughter's hair class.

In order to teach fathers about the intricate styles when it comes to their young daughter's hair, this dad set up a class to do just that.

6. And this dad who practices his daughter's gymnastics routine with hilarious and sometimes amazing results.

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