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This Girl Hijacked Her Mom's Facebook Account To Start Beef With Her Friends


Facebook feuds are the modern day train wrecks everyone loves to see play out. Hell, sometimes when things start cooling down, someone will deliberately step in to rile everyone up and get the whole thing started all over again. It's even worse when the feuding 'friends' are old folks who have little no shame when it comes to airing out their dirty laundry or exposing someone else's on their wall for mutual friends and all to see.

Often times it's easy to miss, especially if people being rehashing things from years and years ago, but once you've seen a few of them break out, you can catch them when they start unraveling pretty easily. It's even worse with family members. Drama used to be limited to once or twice a year during the holidays, but any comment online can suddenly reignite a sibling rivalry for no reason other than that's how the two interact. 

Kids usually roll their eyes or stay quiet when their parents argue with anyone else, but some of them will go ahead and throw gasoline on the fire to keep themselves entertained. In the digital age, it's easier to do that without facing any repercussions, as one parent found out.

If you ever want to see real online drama, then look at the Facebook feeds of your parents and their friends and family members.

Whenever there's a debate or argument that goes down, the older generations have years of bad experiences to pull from to use in their online squabbles that're almost always entertaining.