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This Mom's Hilarious Tweet About Parenthood Is Way Too Relatable


While many people think that they don't have anything in common with most, they'd know they were wrong if they simply took a step back and took a look at what was in front of them. One of the most overlooked things in life that ties us all together is the human experience. There are some things that are simply the same no matter where you go, and front and center to that is the shared experience of being the parent of a newborn baby with absolutely not idea what to expect from your spawn with the dawn of a new day.

Babies do not care about your job title, celebrity status, income level, or where you're planning on going to on your next vacation. It's part of what makes the experience so relatable to every new parent. You are basically doing your best to balance enough sleep so that you function and make sure your kid doesn't end up dying on your watch. Fitness celebrities praised the heavens when they finally found out their child would eat french fries after refusing everything under the sun. Parents will call in every favor they can with friends that work in the medical field to ask why their newborn hasn't pooped for 3 days and if they should drive to the hospital at 2am in the morning because their child just coughed and it sounded like a rough one.

Those terrifying experiences tie everyone together, and Twitter is the modern day water hole that we all gather around to share these experiences. Tweeting a new experience with your newborn, especially as a new parent, will often be met with a plethora of people shouting 'samsies!' If anything, it'll give you hope that while your current situation is a living nightmare, you too may eventually look back at it nostalgically once your kid enters their 'no' phase.

Most parents will know that babies are easily capable of producing their own body weight in vomit and bodily fluids in a shockingly short amount of time. Twitter user and mother Desirae Robles is all too familiar with this, because while her daughter Addelina is adorable, she also does this...