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Cities Across The Country Lit Up In Green To Protest Trump's Paris Agreement Decision


Ensuring we don't destroy the planet we live on is one of the few things the overwhelming majority of people tend to agree on, so much so that we've developed treaties and international agreements expressing as much that are renewed usually renewed every few years. The Paris climate agreement is one such recent example that was made to help offset the damage done by previous generations who never took into account the global impact their lackadaisical business practices and overall indifference to the environment could have. Recent studies have been pretty alarming and have told us exactly what the long-term effects on both our and the planet's health are, and it doesn't paint a pretty picture, even less so when you consider that our current measures that we've put in place still aren't enough to help reverse the damage.

Yesterday, President Donald Trump announced that he plans to pull out of and potentially renegotiate the Paris climate agreement. The 2015 agreement commits the US and 195 other countries to keeping global temperatures "well below" 2C above pre-industrial levels by limiting human carbon emissions. 

The United States is the second biggest carbon emitter in the world, and the UN World Meteorological Organisation warned that by pulling out, the US could add 0.3C to global temperatures by the end of the century.