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Justin Trudeau Kayaked Up To Someone's House To Discuss Climate Change

By Mark Pygas

While the United States remains divided along party lines on climate change, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada is on the side of the vast majority of scientists who believe that human activity is having a devastating effect on the Earth's climate

There isn't a leader in the world who isn't divisive, and that even includes Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau, otherwise known as the internet's dreamboat. Trudeau has a complicated record when it comes to his work on oil pipelines and with promises he made on the campaign trail to the First Nations people. But right now, compared to Donald Trump, he seems like a fantasy dream man to many Americans. In a new profile, Rolling Stone asks, "Why can't he be our president?" right next to a very alluring photo of Trudeau, leaning so suggestively against his desk: 

Just days after President Donald Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord, Trudeau hit the waters of Niagra-on-the-Lake in Ontario to mark World Environment Day on Monday. And of course, since he's so smooth, he casually kayaked up to a family watching the event from their home to discuss climate change.