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Woman Makes Her Own Full Body Mattress For Taking Naps Anywhere

Woman Makes Her Own Full Body Mattress For Taking Naps Anywhere
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1 year ago

Simone Giertz is famous for building extremely impractical robots that slap her awake and chop food terribly. She mostly seems to do it to make people laugh, but I think Giertz has a huge following on social media because she explores simple ideas to their fullest extent. She's imaginative, to the point of stupidity, which is very fun. You know people were excited to see what this was going to turn into:

at the office

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Turns out, it's one of Giertz's most low-tech projects ever. She loves to sleep and wants to be able to do it anywhere. The most obvious solution is clearly to strap a mattress in the shape of her body to her back with a blanket for a cape:

Though it may seem impractical, her fans quickly got on board:

You can watch Giertz produce her portable mattress in this video, which she ends with no conclusions. She admits herself that she can't wait to get back to her usual tools, but personally I think this is a breakthrough. 

The actual use of the full-body mattress seems challenging, especially in the rain or on rocky terrain. But we've all had a moment, perhaps after eating a giant burrito, where we'd love to roll out in just about any old corner and catch up on our beauty rest. 

There have been times when I would have considered this look. And it's so easy to make at home!

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