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Source: Pat Tobin

Guy's Genius Trick For Getting Rid Of Ants Has Twitter Cracking Up

By Aimee Lutkin

Getting rid of an ant problem can be a lesson in patience. It seems like whatever you try is never enough to fully get rid of them, they somehow find a new way into your house, a new path to your pantry, a new way to just drive you absolutely mad. Well this guy went to extreme lengths after trying for a long time to get rid of a horde of ants that just wouldn't leave him alone. 

Pat Tobin told BuzzFeed News that he has been seeing a persistent ant problem in his Brooklyn kitchen for weeks. Not a full-on infestation, but they are definitely swaggering around like they own the place. He put out traps, but ants are savvier than we realize. "They seem to just walk around them," he explained.

Tobin decided to get creative, and spice up the hum-drum ant hotels with a little flare and swag:

Aside from the very enticing ant x-rated floor show, there was a video store. He's hoping he can trick these ants into thinking digital rentals aren't a thing anymore. Maybe blockbuster is still a cool thing among the ant world, who knows!