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How One Employee Finally Protected Their Food From Thief Coworkers

How One Employee Finally Protected Their Food From Thief Coworkers
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Updated 1 year ago

We all have that one friend or family member or coworker who will eat you out of house and home, and won't even so much as offer to replace the groceries they just ate or give you some cash to cover the damage.

For some reason, they feel entitled to your food and will hover around the fridge and scarf down whatever they can get their hands on. Which can be annoying, especially when you're working in an office and the one thing you have to look forward to at your mind-numbing job is that afternoon cup of coffee or dinner leftovers you packed into a container for lunch.

So how do you stop someone from terrorizing the refrigerator? You could put up passive aggressive notes, notify HR...

...or you could do what this person did and literally lock up the milk cartons to prevent coworkers from dipping into their stash.

One twitter user pointed out that there are some flaws in the anti-theft system's design.

But the post seemed to strike a nerve with other people who have been victims of office-food thieves.

And they started sharing their own examples of break room pettiness.

And some people didn't know whether to shake their heads at the milk thieves, or at the person who created the milk locks.

Which, of course, spawned a series of jokes.

And others wanted to find a solution to stop their other foods from being stolen.

But there was at least one person asking the right question.

Have you ever been the victim of stolen food at work?

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