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Woman Rearranges NASA Shirts In Target And Stirs Debate On Kid's Clothing


Gender branding is something that exists on things that really isn't necessary. For instance all shaving cream is pretty much the same. Vitamins? You're probably not getting too much more from a pink bottle than you would be with a blue manly one. Same is true for things like toothpaste. But it gets especially bad when it comes to clothing. We get that there are target audiences but some clothes can just be unisex like this woman is pointing out.

When Twitter user Katie Hinde was perusing the selection at a Target store, she noticed that there were plenty of NASA t-shirts in the boy's clothing section, but in the girl's. Kind of lame if you ask us, science rules.

The "feminine" clothing that decorated the girl's racks was filled with floral designs, adorable fishes, and pink and purple butterflies, but allegedly no NASA branded gear.

So she went and changed that.