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This 5-Year-Old Girl Makes Paintings That Belong In A Gallery

By Jaime Lutz

Five-year-old Cassandra Gee has been painting since the age of three, like many kids. The Australian artist loves to express herself through painting and sharing, but as much as I love the finger paintings most little kids make, Gee's paintings aren't like that. They look like art that should hang in a gallery. Her talent is something that you'd expect from arists with years of practice -- not someone who is just 5 years old. 

Cassie has sold over 100 of her paintings around the world with the profits from her art work going to support charities that help people all over. Some of her most popular works use nothing but a fork to create the intricate patterns and designs that define many of her jaw dropping works of art.

Her favourite colours

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Cassie's mom has helped Cassie sell her paintings on Etsy to benefit charity, according to Bored Panda. It's a great cause to see such a young artist make such a huge impact.