Model Exposes The 'Truth Behind The Shot' In Viral Instagram Photos

The photos on the left were retouched. The photos on the right are real.

Mustafa Gatollari - Author

Dec. 3 2019, Updated 11:43 p.m. ET

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Back in November of 2016, model Jazz Egger was fed up with the industry and decided to recaption all of her 'perfect' Instagram photos with the real story behind them to show that they actually weren't all that perfect.

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She calls it the "Truth Behind This Shot."

Egger pledged to keep the #truthbehindthisshot hashtag going and has just released part 2 of her project, which features some pretty telling side-by-side Instagram shots that put retouched photos and originals in the same post.

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#truthbehindthisshot PART 2: Many of you have been asking me about the truth behind a certain part of the modelling industry and today I want to give you the answer. I am so sick of seeing 'perfect' and 'flawless' photos of models in magazines, on billboards and wherever. Don't believe everything you see. ➡️ Swipe to see what I really look like before hours of makeup and photoshop. 
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Egger's hoping that the campaign will help to promote self-love by exposing impossible body and beauty standards for what they are: impossible.

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#truthbehindthisshot PART 2: Literally nothing in this picture is real. Not my nose, not my skin, not even my skin color. ➡️ Swipe to see the real photo...  

She got together a team of glam artists for the project: Janina Lenz retouched the photos. The photos came courtesy of VanDeHart Photography, and the on-point makeup was done by Nicole Stuparek from Powder&brush.

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#truthbehindthisshot PART 2: This is not real. This is not what I look like. It is some kind of fantasy that was created with photoshop. Don't pressure yourself into thinking you need to look like the models you see in magazines. They don't even look like that themselves. ➡️ SWIPE to see the truth. 
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#truthbehindthisshot PART 2: Swipe to see the UNRETOUCHED version of the picture. Even the eyes are fake in this shot, not even my real ones. The person you see on the first picture does not exist. Question everything you see, nothing is as it seems.  
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She discusses her growing frustration with the modeling industry and what spurred her to start the project in the first place in this illuminating video.

Egger is also already making plans for part 3 of her project in the hopes of spreading this important message. You can check out more of her work on Instagram and YouTube.


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