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Woman Throws Coins Into Plane Engine For 'Good Luck' And Delays Flight For Hours

By Mark Pygas

Everyone has their good luck routines.  There are superstitions for just about everything.  When it comes to plane travel, people really can take it to a new level.  Even though plane travel has become more and more safe over the years, there are still people who are terrified by it and need to resort to any means necessary to make sure that they get out ok.  Sometimes, however, people really start taking things a bit too far and probably need to be reigned in a bit.  There was such an example that happened this week.  

A superstitious 80-year-old passenger delayed a flight from Shanghai to Guangzhou for five hours and narrowly avoided jail time after she threw coins at a plane's engine for good luck on Tuesday.

A passenger spotted the elderly woman, who was travelling with her husband, daughter, and son-in-law according to Beijing Youth Daily and AFP. The incident was reported, and police detained the woman, while the 150 passengers were taken off the plane so that ground crew could inspect the engine. 

Eight of the coins missed their target, but one made its way inside an engine, leading to the massive delay.