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This Woman Asked A Stranger To Be Her Wedding Date On Twitter And Ended Up Marrying Him

By Mustafa Gatollari

We've all been there: the eleventh hour before the day of a big wedding and you still don't have a date.

Not that there is anything wrong with showing up to a celebration without a plus one, but sometimes, it just feels nice to have some company. And that's when desperation kicks in. You joke about taking anybody with you as a date.

But sometimes jokes turn into much more, and for Twitter user Lila Apostolou, it turned into meeting her future husband. Really. As crazy as it seems sometimes all it takes is a connection or a spark and then people get to know each other and realize they were the missing piece that the other had been looking for.  Looking back on the circumstances, it seems like such an act of fate or chance that the two even had the courage to go with each other on the wedding date to begin with.  Sometimes taking a leap of faith can pay huge dividends.