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This Dad Couldn't Afford To Take His Kid To Disney, So He Made A Theme Park Instead


As a kid, there are few vacation destinations as enticing as Disney World.

A magical place, complete with a castle, filled with your favorite cartoon characters, amusement park rides, and tons of other kids who are just as excited to be there as you seems like a dream come true for most kids.

The trouble is, that entertainment comes with a price, and tickets to Disney World come at a price that many families can't afford. Between the flights, the hotels and the actual park passes, booking a trip to Disney can easily cost a small fortune.  And that is not even taking into account what goes on in the park like food, games and souvenirs.  Some people save up for months or even years just to give their family a one in a lifetime experience like going to Disney.  For some people who just cannot make it work, that is when being resourceful comes into play.  Like this father who made a "poor people rollercoaster" for his daughter after finding out she wanted to take a trip to the most magical place on earth.