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People Are Freaking Out Over This Fish That's Flailing After Being Cut In Half


There are many terrifying things in this world, some more than others.  And some people have different reactions to certain things than others.  Take spiders for example, some people are ok with them, others are legitimately mortified by them.  One thing I think most people can agree with is that when something you are about to eat and is seemingly dead starts to move, well that is not the most pleasant site.  Usually this is just some lobsters or other crustaceans still moving before the excruciating boiling water gets to them, but what if it was a fish that has been filleted and is ready to be cooked?  How about one that has also been cut in half as well?

You've probably seen a few of those terrifying videos of fish seemingly coming back from the dead and flopping around on a dinner plate. Twitter was horrified when a user from Japan uploaded a video of a tuna fish that had already been cut in half flopping around for a solid two minutes. 

The clip was posted to Twitter by Yutaka Suzuki along with the caption: "The vitality of the fish is amazing."