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Hilarious Photo Of Mike Pence Ignoring NASA's 'Do Not Touch' Sign Goes Viral


Is there anything more annoying than someone who's constantly breaking the rules, just for the sake of breaking rules? Like people who refuse to silence their phones in movie theaters. Or try to constantly cut you off in traffic without using a turn signal. These people are basically not living on the same planet as you and it is mind boggling how they make it through every day life.  Sometimes it can really stick with you for a while and you keep thinking to yourself "how did that person do that?" and how they are still functioning or if they are putting people in danger every day.  I have definitely had run ins where I thought about  tracking the person down just to ask what the heck they were doing because I needed to know for my piece of mind. 

There doesn't seem to be any reason why they flout the rules, but they just do, for whatever reason.  One thing we would agree on these people is we probably wouldn't want them handling things for us.  Our schedules, our families, our finances, or maybe even our country?

Which is probably why people are having such a field day with Vice President Mike Pence touching a piece of "critical space flight hardware," even though there's a sign taped right on it that says, "DO NOT TOUCH."