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Customers Withdrawing Cash From An ATM Got This Handwritten Note For Help


Taking out money from an ATM is a time honored tradition that comes equipped with many emotions.  First thought is, "I remember my pin right" followed quickly by "do I want to check my account balance".  When those two are taken care of and you realize that you just want your cash and want to move on, you never really think about what could actually come out of the ATM.  

What do you expect to pop out of the machine besides money? I mean yeah, an ATM that randomly gave you a cupcake or a cup of coffee would be cool.  Maybe an ATM that shoots out blood, The Shining style would make for an interesting story wherever it is that you're going but it's probably the last thing you'd think would come out with your money.

And what about handwritten notes asking for help? How freaked out would you be if one of those popped out of your ATM?  Especially talking about being stuck inside and they need you.  I mean, we have enough to deal with am I right?  I can't be expected to save every single person trapped inside an ATM.  

Well that's exactly what happened at a Corpus Christi, Texas Bank of America ATM on 2 p.m. this Wednesday.