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Everyone Is Wondering If Trump Has An Imaginary Friend Named 'Jim'

Everyone Is Wondering If Trump Has An Imaginary Friend Named 'Jim'
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11 months ago

We've all met that one person who swears up and down that they "know a guy." They always want to chime in on a subject with some anecdotal tale about this person who you never met or heard of before, who had some sage insight into whatever topic you and your friend are discussing.

Usually, it's easy to dismiss this "friend" we all suspect is imaginary because you're probably talking about the quality of golf clubs or the best Turkish restaurants in Amsterdam. But when it comes to the president trying to convince people of a political agenda, if they're referencing a specific person, then that person should probably exist.

And to some people, it seems like Trump's pal "Jim," who allegedly says that Paris hasn't been the same since attacks by extremists, might be imaginary.

The Associated Press asked the obvious question that was on everyone else's mind: who is this Jim guy, and why is his opinion of Paris so important when it comes to generalizing one of the world's most recognizable cities?

The mayor of Paris, Anne Hidalgo, responded to Trump's Jim story back in February with a photo of herself next to Mickey and Minnie Mouse inviting both Trump and his buddy Jim over for a grand old time in the city.

But with Trump's recent trip to the city, journalists have been scrambling to find more information on Trump's friend Jim, who was such an integral part in forming our current President's opinion of Paris. But they haven't been able to find anything...possibly because the White House hasn't been responding to comments about Jim and the man has no last name. Which is leading a lot of people to believe that Trump completely made Jim up.

Either that or Trump's got an imaginary friend.

The topic opened the flood gates for jokes.

If anyone finds Jim, please let me know. I really want to know why he doesn't like going to Paris anymore. Thanks.

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